Top 4 Must Haves to Stay Inspired at Design Hotels

2.Hotel Decor

Top 4 Must-Haves to Stay Inspired at Design Hotels: Mocinno International, the hospitality management company is all about understanding the market. Karen LeBlanc, or also called the Design Tourist, is an industry colleague who translates market knowledge to trends, that we use to implement in co-operation with our partners and clients. This guest blog post is a true inspiration for ... Read More »

Why a book on Hotel Strategy


There are many publications and articles that are published these days on what a Hotel General Manager or Operator should and should not do in order to have a successful business. My goal with this book is to share my firsthand experience and the insights I have gained in a way that will make the take-aways easy to make sense ... Read More »

4 Reasons why travelers choose local Hotels

Le Saint Hotel

Travel is continuously changing, colored by the digital evolution. Low airfares on scheduled flights and low cost airlines are paving way to affordable yet rather comfortable short and long trips. Last minute or advance planned travel is simple and straightforward. It starts becoming a bit more challenging when finding the hotel that suits the travelers need. Hotel stays are driven ... Read More »

Cycling will change business travel

The bike for the business traveler.

Why cycling is important for Hotels The choice of hotel brands for the traveler in 2016 is endless. Choice of hotel reflects personality. More and more brands are therefor taking the exact wishes and needs of their guest very serious. This could be anything from offering organic toiletries to a large gym or free WiFi. Recently I joined a team ... Read More »

The kids menu or the IPad, your choice!

Typical dish of the kids menu.

Restaurants will and can change, it is just the choice that needs to be driven by the parent; the kids menu taken seriously! This article is a fragment out of the book ‘A hotelier’s mind, setting strategy for the future’ by Jeroen Gulickx, to be published summer 2016.   Innovation and creativity are words often used within the hospitality ... Read More »

3 Motivational factors that will put fire in your start up.

Startup Hotels Mocinno

Got this amazing idea, you know it will be a total hit! Now you just need to put it into place and put some cash and time behind it, right? I am a passionate person, in understanding what the customer really wants, or rather what purchase is needed to create a factor of satisfaction. So rather than sharing all kinds ... Read More »

The good experience and the good hotel; taking education and guest satisfaction to the next level.

Amsterdam at Night

The good experience and the good hotel; taking education and guest satisfaction to the next level. Working within the luxury hotel segment always gives a certain value and excitement for every project. It makes consulting harder, as much more attention to detail is needed. You need to keep understanding and delivering maximum value for the consumer who is willing to ... Read More »

Why I will lead a team of entrepreneurs and bicycle addicts!

Urban Communting

Why I will lead a team of entrepreneurs and bicycle addicts! Last week someone asked me where I had been, I carried masses of papers and my IPad, under my arm, cycling from appointment to appointment in the city. I must have looked ecstatic, even more than usual, and I explained to him I had been at an unusual meeting. ... Read More »

A clean cut approach to Housekeeping

A hotelier's Mind

Housekeeping I am a well traveled hospitality professional with two business degrees and extensive experience within the Hotel & Spa segment. My main capabilities vary from streamlining cost and operational models, strategy yielding, business development, and marketing to digital marketing. I will be publishing a book this year about Hotel strategy. This article is a snapshot of the book, which ... Read More »

The Sound of Music

Music Branding

Meet Jeroen Gulickx. He is a well traveled hospitality guru, specialising in the Hotel & Spa segment. In 2006 he started Mocinno International, a hospitality consulting company that are now in 7 countries around the world. We love how music plays a big part in Hotels & Spas, but let’s get to know Jeroen through his own soundtrack. A song for travelling. We Are ... Read More »