Learning from other industries, the 10 magic questions as vital drive to create opportunity from your business!

Whatever business you are in as entrepreneur, it’s vital to watch other industries to track and understand their successes as well as learn from their mistakes and failures. Innovation, directly related to research & development decides the strategy and necessary adjustment of objectives. And by reading, watching and learning from others you can quickly adjust or even launch new services ... Read More »

Being the objective consultant within Hospitality, it started in 1993

Being the objective consultant within Hospitality, it started in 1993   Dramatic changes occur on continuous basis within the Hospitality industry. Many hotels and restaurants aiming to get the same market segments. The leader of any company has more tasks than ever before to include team support, setting objectives, be a motivator and marketer, just to name a few. The ... Read More »

4 Reasons Why Travelers Want The Local Hotel Experience

Travel is continuously changing, colored by the digital evolution. Low airfares on scheduled flights and low cost airlines are paving way to affordable yet rather comfortable short and long trips. Last minute or advance planned travel is simple and straightforward. It starts becoming a bit more challenging when finding the hotel that suits the travelers need. Hotel stays are driven ... Read More »

Wellness and Medical Spa’s, a service or amenity?

Wellness and Medical Spa’s a service or amenity? The Spa market is clearly a growing one, you notice it simply by walking the streets of every city, but also it follows the trend of feeling better and looking after yourself. In fact according to the Horwath statistics by the end of 2015 the global wellness tourism economy grew till 438,6 ... Read More »

Top 4 Must Haves to Stay Inspired at Design Hotels

Top 4 Must-Haves to Stay Inspired at Design Hotels: Mocinno International, the hospitality management company is all about understanding the market. Karen LeBlanc, or also called the Design Tourist, is an industry colleague who translates market knowledge to trends, that we use to implement in co-operation with our partners and clients. This guest blog post is a true inspiration for ... Read More »

The kids menu or the IPad, your choice!

Typical dish of the kids menu.

Restaurants will and can change, it is just the choice that needs to be driven by the parent; the kids menu taken seriously! This article is a fragment out of the book ‘A hotelier’s mind, setting strategy for the future’ by Jeroen Gulickx, to be published summer 2016. http://www.jeroengulickx.com/the-book/   Innovation and creativity are words often used within the hospitality ... Read More »

Measuring guest Satisfaction? Think again!!

Get your hands on data that can help you make real strategic decisions. One of the cores of most businesses is guest or consumer satisfaction leading to loyalty. To be able to fully understand behavior of the guests, there are numerous ways of collecting data, data that should be used by management to adjust the marketing and sales strategies. Now ... Read More »

6 Elements you need to get right before leading Guest Satisfaction

6 Elements you need to get right before leading Guest Satisfaction   Performance driven by passion is what makes hospitality industry flourish. As a hospitality consultant you come across much more than just buildings, the beauty of the industry are the people. Employees and guests from all over the world, each with their own view on quality, on life and ... Read More »

Emotion In Motion – Taxi Please

Traveling is a true pleasure, and our bodies are getting used to the change of eating habits, sitting in confined airline seats for over 8 hours and; the time difference, not an issue. Let’s look into some basic advice and elaborate on the most fun part – the exercise.   The facts The center of Disease control and prevention advices ... Read More »

Will Hotels offer guests organic bathroom amenities? Should they?

Finally the word is out, bathroom amenities face a new challenge; guests with an opinion and increased knowledge about skincare. Recently I was discussing food with a number of people in the organic skincare industry, and one example struck me, a normal apple bought from the supermarket in 1930, had mare than 80% less toxics in there as the regular ... Read More »