A clean cut approach to Housekeeping

Housekeeping I am a well traveled hospitality professional with two business degrees and extensive experience within the Hotel & Spa segment. My main capabilities vary from streamlining cost and operational models, strategy yielding, business development, and marketing to digital marketing. I will be publishing a book this year about Hotel strategy. This article is a snapshot of the book, which ... Read More »

The Sound of Music

Meet Jeroen Gulickx. He is a well traveled hospitality guru, specialising in the Hotel & Spa segment. In 2006 he started Mocinno International, a hospitality consulting company that are now in 7 countries around the world. We love how music plays a big part in Hotels & Spas, but let’s get to know Jeroen through his own soundtrack. A song for travelling. We Are ... Read More »

Finding Wellness

Why taking care of Hotel guests is a necessity! The research within the hospitality industry with regards to increased Spa and Wellness trends is numerous. All mayor hotel chains are all already engaged in increased Fitness and Spa offerings. The education continuous worldwide, with an increasing popularity, the knowledge of guests increases and more so from those who deliver. The ... Read More »

4 Reasons why centralizing online marketing is a bad idea

There are endless titles for jobs that have been created in the last decade to form a role that signifies the ever growing business levels and importance of online representation. These job titles are now stabilizing themselves, but clearly the roles are not. The positive development is that the role has become more senior over the last years, nowadays these ... Read More »

Understanding the ‘Generations’ of travel: The Generation Y / Millennials – Part 5.

Much written about, and also the most recent Generation, Generation Y or also referred to as the Millennials. Understand them, tweet it, when you see them, Instagram it, and as fast as possible! This group is the most tech savvy, they are on the internet all the time and have non stop access to information. You are probably wondering why ... Read More »

Understanding the ‘Generations’ of travel – Part 4: The Generation X

You are probably excited to read about Generation X, after having read about the Generation Jones. They are the feisty ones, quick decision makers, without paying too much attention to the budget. And where the hospitality has serious challenges convincing them to choose just their brand over others, and even more to keep them loyal. The Generation X is the ... Read More »

Understanding the ‘Generations’ of travel – Part 3: The Generation Jones.

The Baby Boomers, a very active and traveling generation you were able to read about in the previous article. Those with good economy, happy travelers, like to see the world, and are counting on growth. Loyalty and respect play vital roles in the travel arrangements and marketing. This article the third one in range, a more recent and also these ... Read More »

Understanding the ‘Generations’ of travel – Part 2: The Baby Boomers.

In the previous article you have been able to read and understand more about the Post War Cohort; The reliable traveler, who loves to travel the world and has the disposable income to do so. In this article I will focus on the more recent generation, the Baby Boomers. While I have been doing the research and some of the traveling myself. I have seen and understood much of what is awaiting us, our families, ... Read More »

Understanding the ‘Generations’ of Travel – Part 1: The Post War Cohort.

In the recent months I have tried to make every effort to understand how well we actually know people and their behavior and reasons to make certain choices, and in particular leisure travel. The reason for the research and data collection is to understand the characteristics and needs based on their age. The management team, who has to make important marketing or branding decisions, can optimize the decision process by using this ... Read More »

Hotels Getting Personal – A Digital Revolution

The Opinion The digital conferences for hospitality started popping up more than a decade ago. Digitalbuzz a blog to get inspiration about whats going on in the digital world explains values of the digital world and the transparency of travelers, and highlights that technology will be driving guest loyalty and guest satisfaction in the future.   The Movement That really ... Read More »