The Book

A Hotelier’s Mind, Setting Strategy for the Future

The book is written to challenge current hotel operations, to stay away from the danger of price wars, leaving space for respect, culture, pride and a sexy business. The book is for every Hotelier.

The reason for writing the book is first hand experience of some amazing clichés that this industry and certainly other industries are challenged with as well. Also I would like to protect and educate those who have a heart in their hotel, whether they own it, run it or work in it. With the book I want to create a culture that is open, for questions, for displaying pains, efficiencies, combined with all the fun that hotels have to offer, the amazing guests. After all the people, they are the reason we are in the industry after all.


About the writer

Jeroen Gulickx is a well traveled hospitality professional with two business degrees and extensive experience within the Hotel & Spa segment.

The main capabilities vary from streamlining cost and operational models, strategy yielding, business development, and marketing to digital marketing.

In 2006 he started Mocinno International, a hospitality consulting company that now has offices and representation in 7 countries in Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia and Russia. The team is focused on delivering incremental revenues for Hotels, Spa’s and also develops and strategize hotel suppliers, using mainly the Six Sigma methodology.

Mocinno International works with a network of highly experienced, energetic and innovative people, based in key locations.  The team also leads Client or Mocinno originated projects or concepts.

Jeroen shares his over 20 years of industry knowledge through this blog, or other social media, and speaks at travel, marketing, innovation or strategy related forums.

A Hotelier’s Mind

A Hotelier's Mind - Jeroen Gulickx


The illustrations are by Alexandra Sarantidi –

Digitality in Hotels


“Jeroen Gulickx is a world-class and innovative leader within the hospitality industry. He provides up-to-date insight and an eye-opening look at best practices that every first-rate hotelier should know to remain forward-thinking about how the hospitality landscape is changing and how they can remain market leaders.”

Erica Nicole, founder and CEO of YFS Magazine, MSNBC Your Business TV Contributor


“With over 3.2 million business & leisure travelers crossing international borders every single day, hoteliers are on the front line of ever-changing desires and demands of guests, not to mention dangerously disruptive new business models. ‘A Hoteliers Mind’ offers an up close and very personal look into what it really takes for a hotel manager to build and protect brand preference, embed business competitiveness, ensure operational excellence, protect the bottom line, and through it all, keep the passion for hospitality alive. A very raw, real, and ultimately rewarding read.”

Anita Mendiratta – International Strategic Advisor and Author in Tourism & Development, Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the UNWTO and Founder & Managing Director of Cachet Consulting


“The book is a detailed radiography of the modern hospitality industry. Strategies and challenges in a unique mix, reveal the integrated nature of the tourism world. Jeroen transfers the vibe of the industry in the aid of to the point interviews with first class professionals. The book is a great amalgam of theoretical data and practical knowledge gained by the author’s constant presence in the world of luxurious hotels.”

Magda Peistikou, Editor in Chief – Food Service Magazine, Tourism Lecturer, MSc, MBA, PhD (cand.)


“Mr. Gulickx gives a masterclass on hotel management… essential reading for both the startup hotelier or experienced GM trying to keep up with the latest approaches to that elusive goal of a smooth running and profitable operation.”

Doug Lansky, Tourism Advisor and Keynote Speaker for Destinations around the World




Barak Hirschowitz – President / International Luxury Hotel Association

Arnie Weissmann – Chief Editor / Travel Weekly

Pedro Do Carmo Costa – Managing Director / Exago Innovation

Stuart Birkwood – Senior Executive FAS Real Estate

Stefanie Patch – Owner / Patch Music

Juan Picornell – Owner / Grupo Cappuccino